the good in 2011 and my core values – SYL12 weeks 1 and 2

I haven’t had much time to read blogs in months but this morning I was having a bit of online time and realised many of my blogging buddies are doing this 52 week simplify your life challenge at Home Life Simplified.


The last thing I want to do is commit to a year long challenge when I’m not even sure if I have the time to keep blogging. This will interfere with all sorts of things? Or will it? Throughout the last month or so the word simplify has kept coming back into my mind. Simplify simplify simplify. It makes sense. I’ve been terming this year “cleaning up”, “decluttering”, “prioritising” – all this can be summed up as simplify. So I think I should give this project a go despite my aversion to doing something everyone else is doing. It makes sense.


The problem is I’m already 2 weeks behind. 2 weeks is better than 2 months though so I can still catch up. Debra doesn’t want us to miss out on the early weeks so I’m going to quickly do them now.


Week 1: What went right in 2011

  • William was successfully conceived, carried and born
  • He has brought so much joy into our family
  • Alexis and William have developed such a lovely relationship already
  • Corey and I have focussed on having dates as much as possible and are really benefiting from that
  • I started taking Alexis (and then William) to playgroup
  • We found a lovely home church not far from home (the same place as playgroup) and they have been a wonderful source of support to us
  • We still had a wonderful place to live and wonderful support from our families and although we all battled little sicknesses far too often we didn’t have any major health dramas
  • I started blogging in late 2010 but 2011 is when I started to actually get people reading my blog and I met many inspiring people through reading their blogs
  • God has continued to protect our family

Week 2: My top 5 core values

I’ve been thinking about values a fair bit lately as well. I know what I want to value highly and it feels like what’s been getting my time of late has been contrary to what is really important deep down. Recently my life would emulate values such as:

  • comfort
  • security
  • being understood/being heard
  • freedom
  • control

I am choosing to let these go in order to pursue values that really are ingrained into what I believe is important and what I want for myself and my family

  1. FAITH:  faith in God. Living a life that honours Jesus. Trusting in God. Obeying God. Being transparent and raising our kids in a way that shows the love and discipline of Christ.
  2. JOY: There’s an old song, “Joy is the flag flown high in the castle of my heart, that the King is in residence there”. Joy is what is supposed to make Christianity so attractive to others yet it is lost in many. It’s so tragic when a Christian has lost their joy. I want myself and my little family to know the joy that comes only from God. The joy that lasts through any circumstances. I want us to shine this to everyone around us.
  3. PEACE: The assurance of the love of God is meant to bring us everlasting peace. I am done with striving to be better, striving to be heard, striving to get the best out of every situation. I want to be “OK” with me and live at peace with those around me.
  4. LOVE: True love is not only the warm mushy feeling “I love you so much I can’t stop thinking about you” goosebumps and stuff. I have this love for my husband and my kids. Anyone can love like that for a season. What is important to me is a lifestyle of love: serving others, protecting others, putting others before myself. When I clean up wheetbix splashes again it’s out of love. When I pull the legs straight and take the belt out of my husband’s jeans again I should do it without complaining, as an act of love.
  5. PASSION: I had unity here but I have to be honest with myself, passion is a core value ingrained so deeply into me that I can not ignore it. I am a very passionate person. I love like there’s no tomorrow but I fight like there’s no end in sight. Some aspects of being passionate mean I’m a bit stubborn and a bit of a perfectionist. I’m trying to give up those parts but I can embrace the good parts of being passionate. Instead of my usual “if you’re going to do it do it right” mantra, what is really important to me is “if you’re going to do it put your whole heart into it”.

This week’s challenge is to create a family mission statement, which seems like fun. Stay tuned for more!