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He sleeps better when my breasts aren’t home

William *middle name* *surname*, midnight is not an appropriate time to cluster feed. While we’re at it buddy, you’re thirteen months old now, you don’t really need to be cluster feeding at all. I love you and I love giving you mummy milk but you have to take it easier on me. Seriously. My last […]


My love-hate relationship with breastfeeding continues

I’ve written a lot about breastfeeding in the past. I fed Alexis until she was about 14 months and would have kept going had my milk not dried up while I was pregnant. William is currently enjoying the world of solids but has no intention of giving up mummy feeds any time soon. My views […]


Mummy needs sleep

William, darling, mummy is going to explain this to you one more time. Mummy is nicer to you if you let her sleep. It’s a fact of life darling. I think that by now you are starting to realise that mummy isn’t a superhero. I think you are beginning to realise that sometimes mummy is […]


Oh 3am, I’ve missed you! ;)

It’s 3am and I’m sitting here feeding William. It’s not uncommon although it is a little strange after he slept through the last few nights. I think he might have slept through tonight if he hadn’t ended up upside down on his tummy with his head jammed against the corner of the cot (at the […]