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Cold morning cuddles

A few days ago Alexis asked for cuddles with William. I had to take pictures and they are too cute not to share. I am so proud of my kiddies, they are beautiful inside and out and they tolerate each other well love each other very much.


When I watch her sleep

I wrote this post yesterday. Alexis didn’t even bother fighting her nap today. She went down with no trouble at all. She is still as cute as always, with her head at the foot of the bed on the blankets. My daughter Alexis is so adorable when she sleeps. When I see her little eyes […]


Me and YOU Monday – Week 2

Hi everyone Welcome back to “Me and YOU Monday”. (OK so at the time of posting this it’s Sunday night, because tomorrow is a public holiday for us, so I have plans. Sorry.) If you missed last week’s post then you can see it by clicking here. It explains what I’m trying to do and […]


Yes we peeked… It’s a …..

So, the moment you've all been waiting for (not really but anyway…) is finally here. The big announcement. We know the sex of our baby. (If you’re wondering, “yeah, so what?”, my post “to peek or not to peek” saying we weren’t sure if we wanted to find out or not sparked a lot of […]