What does The Mother Experiment mean to you?

Every single person who takes the time to read my blog is special to me. Every single person. YOU reading this right now, are important to me, whether you have no kids, one kid, multiple kids or adult kids. That said though, I do love that people read this little blog of mine even though they don’t have their own children.

Let me quickly shout out to all my readers who don’t have children. I love that you read my blog. I am very honoured that people read this blog as a glimpse as to what life with kids is like.

What I’m most curious about is why. Why do you read this blog? Do you find it funny? Is it interesting? Is it because my kids are cute? Is it because you know me and like to know what’s happening in my life? Is it because you are wondering if having a baby would change your life or what it would be like to have children? Is there anybody out there who reads because they have friends who have been a bit weird since having kids and you want to find out why having kids changes your friends? Is there anyone out there who will admit that?

Whatever your reasons, I like that you are here. I like that people who have kids read along and go, “yep, my kids do that”. I love reading comments on the blog and on facebook. Very rarely though do I get a comment from someone who says, “wow, I don’t have kids yet and I never thought about this in this way before.”

My readers who don’t have kids are pretty quiet but I know that you are here. So today I’m asking you to introduce yourself, either on the blog or on facebook or Twitter. Let me know if there’s any little questions about life with young children that you would like me to try to answer.

Whatever your reasons for reading and regardless of how many kids you have or don’t have, thanks. If you don’t mind me asking,
What does The Mother Experiment mean to you?