Humble Pie

LOL! I just finished bagging out Corey, yet again, (come on, it’s funny, admit it) in my post “seagull husband

While I’ve been in here typing up my ‘scientif findings’ page (see tab next to home tab above “about me” under the page title or click this link here) Corey has been in the other room reading not wanting to wake me up. I was sort of under instructions to have a nap, whoops.. Alexis has been sleeping IN HER COT!!!! Corey is very clever, why does he do things better than me? *pretend sob*. hehe.

How did he do it?

He took her for a drive. She fell asleep by the end of our street (not long). He drove around for a while longer, being home in approximately 25 minutes. Then he woke her up getting her out of the car and tapped her to sleep and put her in the cot. She slept for about an hour and then woke up. He picked her up, tapped her back to sleep, and then put her back in the cot, where she is still sleeping, about half an hour later. So she did still need a drive to go to sleep, and he did pick her up and pat her to sleep so she didn’t put herself to sleep in the cot, but it is a good step towards it. Thank you Corey, a job well done.

Now he’s in here bragging about it when I was finally ready to take that nap, thinking he’d be back with ‘dinner’ (a pie to put in the oven) in an hour or so after his nice long daddy daughter time. So now I’ve had no sleep (technically that’s my fault not his, but I still had time!), and I have to cook dinner! That’s ok, it’s probably better we don’t waste money on food when we’ve got things at home. Hubby knows best. I really did want that pie though!