Baths and showers and moisturising fun

A while ago I was sent some products to review from Platinum Media and Communications. I did the Johnson no more tangles shampoo review easily on Alexis but as William was ill at the time the others had to wait until he was well. Then he got sick again and I’ve been chasing my own tail but I want to get this done so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Plus you might find some products useful to you. I was not offered payment for the review but I wanted to provide a detailed review as, well, that’s me, that’s what I do. As I’m writing this while feeding please excuse me for using screen capture images from pdfs or websites. The bottles we have are wet from frequent use and so I thought it’s better to provide a picture where you can actually read even if it’s not very pretty. I am not going to obsess over editing photos.


The press release claims that if you use these products that kids will fall asleep easier and sleep longer and wake less often. I wanted to say whether the Johnson bedtime routine products actually help the kids sleep better or not. The problem is that the kids have been teething and sick on and off so often over the last few months. They have had nights where they have slept fantastically and they have had nights where they have hardly slept at all. It doesn’t seem to matter what they were bathed in or whether they were bathed at all.


This is what I can tell you about our trial of Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and Johnson’s baby moisturizer.

1) Corey and I love the smell and feel of the bath with the bedtime bath in it. It really is calming and soft and smooth.

2) Corey and I love the smell and feel of the moisturizing lotion while moisturizing the kids. We found massaging kids very fun but not exactly relaxing. Our kids don’t like to stay still.

3)The kids love the moisturiser. Alexis wanted to put it on herself but I wanted to massage her so that was a bit annoying but all in all it was a very fun experience.

4) the first time we did this routine with William he fell asleep within minutes. Unfortunately he woke about 20 mins later annoyed that he’d missed the feed he was accustomed to. After that he went back to sleep.

5) the next night William crawled away when we tried to massage him because he didn’t want it putting him to sleep. The night after that he let us massage him again.

6) one night my parents were over and they got a real thrill out of massaging the kids. As did Corey’s mum a few days later.

We still use the bedtime bath (Alexis likes the purple bottle) but we don’t actually moisturise the children before bed anymore. This is because it’s so cold this time of year where we live and we need to get them dressed ASAP.

A consistent bedtime routine is important for young children. A general rule of thumb is that if you are calm and relaxed then your kids will pick up on it and that will help them sleep well. If you have trouble finding a bedtime routine that works for you and your children then these products are definitely worth a try.


I quite literally laughed out loud when I received this product to review. It’s hardly a new product to us.

This is the wash product that we put in the bath water the very first time we bathed our daughter Alexis. It is what the hospital used so we bought some for home too. We used in the water the very first time we bathed our second child, William, as well. We have been using this product, almost daily, for the past 2.5 years.

It’s gentle on skin and gentle on eyes, it’s affordable, it has a subtle pleasant smell, and it’s a brand we know and trust. Its soap-free formula has the no-more-tears badge and we use it to wash our kids hair although we use proper shampoo in Alexis’ hair once a week or so. It cleans our kids (spaghetti, tomato sauce, texta pens, paint) without making them dry or itchy. I used to get in the bath with the kids and I know it feels nice in the water. At least until they babies pee in it. 😉

Since I reviewed the bedtime bath wash I do prefer the bedtime one for night use but if the kids have been doing art or playing at the park or having a particularly messy meal then this is the one we choose.

For effective safe washing from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, it’s Johnson’s Top to Toe.


I was also sent a baby care pack of Aveeno washes and lotions. I found being sent so many products at once a little overwhelming to be honest. I delayed introducing these products until after I had trialled the Johnson bedtime products. In my brain trialling new skincare products on babies is like introducing new foods and should be done gradually in case of allergies.

The Aveeno range is a gentle, moisturizing range of products specifically designed to nourish sensitive baby skin. There are two choices of moisturiser for preventing dry skin, soothing dry skin and repairing damaged dry skin. It’s apparently great for eczema. The thing is that my kids don’t have dry skin, partly due to lovely skin (the lucky ducks have inherited my mum’s beautifully soft moist skin) and partly due to us taking care of it well in the first place.

As we go into the thick of winter though I am aware that even the best skin dries out. When our kids are sick we like to give them long warm showers to clear their airways. They love it but exposure to pure water is one of the easiest ways to dry out skin. So I’ve been using the Aveeno baby wash products when showering the kids.

They’re quite nice to use. The soothing wash is thick and fragrance free and you can almost feel it moisturising as you wash but my favourite for shower time is the ‘Baby Wash and Shampoo’ as it smells lovely and rinses out easily and does not make baby slippery. The non-slip thing is very important when showering a wriggly baby first thing in the morning.

Now if you’ll excuse me I had better get back to sleep before Alexis wakes. I didn’t use the bedtime bath last night because the kids were filthy from playing in the dirt. Top to toe cleaned them up beautifully but I’m having trouble sleeping. Maybe I should sneak into my daughter’s room and get the sleepy time moisturizer for myself. At least I can have a nice fragrant shower in the morning to wake myself up. 😉