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My love-hate relationship with breastfeeding continues

I’ve written a lot about breastfeeding in the past. I fed Alexis until she was about 14 months and would have kept going had my milk not dried up while I was pregnant. William is currently enjoying the world of solids but has no intention of giving up mummy feeds any time soon. My views […]


Baths and showers and moisturising fun

A while ago I was sent some products to review from Platinum Media and Communications. I did the Johnson no more tangles shampoo review easily on Alexis but as William was ill at the time the others had to wait until he was well. Then he got sick again and I’ve been chasing my own […]


Things I’ll never know

I’ve learned a lot in the last 2.5 years but there’s some things I’ll probably never understand about children. – why do crawling babies normally only feed for a few minutes at a time but if you are wanting to go somewhere then baby will settle in for a nice long feed? – what is […]


Why, why does the baby cry?

Justine Clarke has a song, “Why, why does the baby cry. Won’t somebody tell me why. Why why does the baby cry? Water falling from her eyes.” She goes on to say the reasons why baby might be crying. In the end they stop baby crying just by singing a lullaby. Wouldn’t that be nice. […]