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Dinosaurs didn’t eat their broccoli?

Lexi: “mummy I want a dinosaur.” Me: “sorry darling they all died.” Lexi: “oh no why?” Me: “they didn’t eat their broccoli.” Yep I’m weird.. Quite possibly crazy… Sorry Lexi. We will have a proper conversation about dinosaurs one day when I know what the answers are..


Don’t even say that mummy.

Here’s another one of those funny exchanges between Alexis and I. Alexis:extreme whiney voice “mummy I really want to go to kindy.” Me: “Lexi kindy day is tomorrow.” Alexis: still extreme whiney voice “but I want to go to kindy NOW mummy.” Me: “Lexi, if you don’t stop whining, your throat won’t get better and […]


Kid’s got a point

Wednesday. 12 noon. Nap time. I’m raising the next generation of clever clogs. It’s an honour, it’s hilarious and it’s frustrating all in one. I can’t call her an insufferable know it all because I see too much of me in her. She really does aim to please. She wants to impress me with her […]


Why did I say that?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if the brain-mouth connection had one of these warning do-dads? Sometimes I say things and then go, “why oh why did I say that.” Like today. After putting Alexis to bed several times I had enough. She wasn’t doing anything particularly horrible, just playing excitedly with her dollies, but when she […]