our adventure to the other room

Tuesday 17th

Alexis, Corey and I have all been crook lately. Touch wood William is still well. We’ve had a few days of sitting around watching tv. I am so sick of tv.

We’re all starting to feel a bit better now but I decided against going to playgroup this morning. Mostly I didn’t want to share our germs, partly it’s cold and wet, partly I didn’t want Alexis overdoing it and partly I just couldn’t be bothered.

My energy levels haven’t been great. It kind of happens when I go a few days without food. Die gastro die. William is as energetic as ever though and Alexis is on the mend so she’s been pretty energetic too.

As I said, I am totally and utterly over TV. I’ve lost my voice (thank you throat infection) so reading stories isn’t an option either. My tummy is a bit sore so I don’t want the children climbing me. I’m also trying to stop them climbing each other. They were restless of playing in the loungeroom and quite frankly so was I.

So earlier this morning I emptied out a small plastic tub, filled it up with a few small toys (a small car, a doctors kit, a phone, a few bears) and took us all into Alexis’ room. Alexis doesn’t normally have toys in her room, only books and clothes, so she got a kick out of the novelty. We especially enjoyed pushing her car along the bed frame (and off the bed onto the floor). William, well he’s a young baby who is newly mobile, so he scooted across the carpet exploring and chewed on the bookshelf for a while.

It’s quite simple really. Ridiculously simple you might say. A change of scenery without leaving the house, no tv, no noisy battery operated annoying baby toys (there’s a time and place for them but they get on my nerves), no sooking, and no having to move very far.

William was fascinated watching Alexis and I with the magnadoodle

The best way to get Alexis to stop asking me to turn the tv on is to get away from it. I guess we actually do this quite a lot. On sunny days we do a similar thing but I lie William outside on a big rug while I run around with Alexis. Sometimes we roll around on the floor in William’s room because there is plenty of space. On hot but rainy days I just let the kids have a nice long bath.

It doesn’t help me get any work done but if I’m just trying to keep the kids (and myself) occupied until nap time then it works quite a treat.

When it comes to toys they say less is more. I wonder if I got rid of most of the toys from the lounge room that’d help the kids play more independently. It might help William but I think Alexis would still want the tv. She’s her daddy’s little tv junkie that’s for sure.

*sigh* at least she's cute 😉

Maybe I could hide the tv? Haha. I’m only joking Corey.

Or am I? 

Do you like to have tv on for background noise or does it drive you crazy? Do you take adventures to other rooms in the house? What do you do to pass the time on sick days?