Lovely sunny autumn days

It’s been absolutely wonderful weather lately. I’ve been determined to make the most of it while it lasts. I’ve also been trying to be more adventurous and actually, you know, do things with the kids. Today was a great day.

The kids let me sleep until 7:30. That’s tops. Probably because I was up with William from 3-5 but it still felt good to ‘sleep in’. We had breakfast, I fed William, we got dressed, that’s a very good start. Then we sorted the coins from the kids money box into little bags and took them to the bank to deposit into their account. Nothing exciting there, or so you’d think, but Alexis finds the concept of money quite fascinating.

While we were out I took the kids to the playground at the shops. Alexis was very excited. I used to take her there a lot when it was just her and I but I’ve only ventured there a few times with both kids.

It was great fun for all three of us. It’s an outdoor but undercover playground. It was great to get some fresh air. Alexis swung, slid, climbed, spun, jumped and see-sawed. William see-sawed and even went down the slide. I held his hand as he went down a few times, after which I then put him on his tummy and he slid down feet first all by himself. He had a ball.

I wish I had photos to capture the immense pleasure and pride on their little faces. I didn’t take any because I decided it was more important to interact with my kids and keep them safe. That and Alexis has a camera fetish.

After a while Alexis decided she was hungry so I managed to get her into the pram relatively easily. We quickly went through Woolies for a few supplies. I got them into the car easily, which is rare. William screamed the whole way home because he wanted a feed but I am trying to teach him that he can go more than two hours between feeds. It felt horrible but seeing as I’d bought milk and it was quite warm by then I didn’t want to stop to feed.

Once home and fed it was time for the kids to have a nap. Alexis hid in the cupboard.


I decided to not be a tyrant and made a game out of it instead of getting upset. The kids did go to sleep eventually. I had lunch, did some reading, then had a nap myself. Nice.

After naps and arvo tea etc we went outside to do a few odd jobs and have a play. Alexis wanted a turn on her big bike. When I suggested she go on her little bike so she could do it herself she said, “no, Uggy,” so I thought ok why not and put William on Alexis’ baby bike. He giggled and smiled and stood with pride. He did an epic faceplant because I decided I absolutely had to get far enough away to take this photo. It was worth it.


We had a nice long play before heading back inside.

imageI’d already decided to have microwave meals for dinner. So I fed William, tidied up a bit, got the kids dinner ready and waited for my mother-in-law who was coming for dinner. She came, fed the kids, played with the kids, ate, helped bath the kids, helped massage the kids, read a zillion stories, said goodnight and left. Alexis went to sleep no fuss. Such a nice way to end a great day.

William has been a bit tricky. He was so overtired. I eventually got him to sleep but he’s been up with gas. I hope he resettles easily and sleeps a nice long time for me because I’m pretty tired. I haven’t done any housework today really. Just one load of towels washed and some dishes. I need days like this occasionally, everybody does. It’s been a rather nice day.

How do you like to spend sunny autumn days?