Baby wipes

Baby wipes. They’re awesome. We use them everyday. Not always in the way you’d think.

In the past three years we have used baby wipes to:
– get blood out of carpet
– get paint off hands
– get crayon and texta off walls
– get vomit out of carpet
– get bluetack out of carpet
– get mud off hands and faces
– keep the children entertained as they pull out the white tissue-y goodness one by one for an amazingly long time
– get caked on snot off faces
– dust ceiling fans
– clean the laundry (excellent at removing lint)
– clean the red dirt off the top of the fridge from where my husband left his riggers gloves there and it went all gross (don’t worry, it was the garage fridge)
– wipe up approximately 5 trillion spills 😉
– get stubborn smudges off glass
– make flags
– keep babies still during nappy changes

Yes, I love baby wipes.

There’s just one thing I’d like to know…

Why does it take half a packet of wipes to clean up my son every time he dirties his nappy? Why when he was a newborn did we have to use a wet face washer or chuck him straight in the bath? Why are baby wipes excellent for just about everything but seemingly powerless against, well, poo?

Are we the only household who’s found this?


Baby wipes verse baby poo.. Probably another example of things I’ll never know.