a special memory of 2 under 2

I found this in my email drafts. I think it’s about 3 weeks old

My little fella William isn’t very well. It’s hard to know exactly what’s wrong because he can’t really tell me but I think he has a tummy ache. I ate some salad with cabbage so it could have been that. Or the chocolate cake. Or the watermelon..  Yes I will never learn… I feel bad but there’s no point blaming myself. It won’t solve anything.

He doesn’t want to feed (weird hey) he doesn’t want to sleep he doesn’t want to be played with. He just isn’t quite right.

Yesterday arvo I gave him some panadol so I could get on with life as normal but today I don’t want to do that. Alexis’ favourite shows are on TV so she’s happy for the moment. So I set up the ipod in William’s room, wrapped him, and cuddled him close as we had a little dance.

I love this. I used to dance Alexis to sleep every night. She heard the music on and ran in so I put out one hand. She wrapped her hand around my finger and danced with us, spinning and twirling under my arm. It was so precious.

Then I sat down with William to finish cuddling him off to sleep. Alexis ran off to the tv that I had left on for her. She proceeded to run back in and do a few twirls every now and then between running back out to check on Postman Pat or Bob the Builder or whatever it was at the time. She wanted to watch her favourite shows but she wanted to stay with us too. Secretly I was hoping she would stay at the tv long enough for me to get William to sleep and put him in his cot but I was definitely enjoying watching her dance too.

She’s such a sweet little thing when she wants to be. She sometimes gets jealous of William but more often she’s jealous of me getting William’s attention. She loves him so much, he’s her favourite toy, she just wants to be close to him. She can’t wait for him to grow up and play with her.

What a sweet big sister.