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tips for enjoying grocery shopping with 2 under 2

My daughter is 2 now but I had 2 kids under 2 until very recently. I can honestly say that I enjoy grocery shopping with my kids… most of the time. We have had some horror stories I can assure you but over time I’ve “perfected” a little system that works for us. Here is […]


a special memory of 2 under 2

I found this in my email drafts. I think it’s about 3 weeks old My little fella William isn’t very well. It’s hard to know exactly what’s wrong because he can’t really tell me but I think he has a tummy ache. I ate some salad with cabbage so it could have been that. Or […]


Carry Me

Both my kids play hard. Really hard. They learn hard. Alexis runs hard. William learned to roll the other day and he has barely stopped since. They are on the go. They go go go go go as long as they can. They don’t like to stop. They fight it for all it’s worth. Then […]


90 minutes alone with 3 under 2

On Monday my niece spent about an hour and a half at my house while my sister Manda had an appointment. Isabella is a lovely little thing, very intelligent and very well behaved considering she's not even 20 months old. I was freaking out for days leading up to it because a) I still had […]