‘Scientific’ Findings

I studied a bachelor of science and it would be a shame to let all that effort go to waste entirely, so, just for giggles, I’m going to do like a lab report thing on “findings” I pick up along the way. It will keep me practicing so that if I ever want to work in science again I might have some small hope of remembering how to do it. Besides that, it might be fun!?

For context see my first post, “What is the mother experiment?”

The Mother Experiment

1. To understand what goes through my sleep-deprived brain
2. To provide a voice for, entertain, and sympathise with other mums
3. To entertain and educate people without children, working mums and dads, and those who’s kids have all grown up, about what it’s like to be a stay at home mum in this day and age (that it is fun but takes a lot of work)
4. To keep a record of this fun but challenging stage of my life for future amusement
5. To learn how to be a better mum and wife

1. Be a stay at home mum and housewife. Live life as normal except try to be more aware of what I’m thinking and feeling and experiencing.
2. Document findings on online journal (blog).
3. Attempt to be entertaining and interesting to attract readers, but always
4. keep it real. Be honest and transparent to ensure an accurate account is portrayed of both the good times and the bad.
5. Read over my posts occasionally and laugh at myself. Look for growth and lessons learned.
6. Share some of these lessons for the benefit of myself and others.

Results and discussion (I have no data so this isn’t a scientific report. I just thought it might get a laugh. I’ll actually just post updates on progress as “The Mother Experiment” progresses)

7/1/11 The blog has progressed nicely and is doing much better than I thought it would. I am enjoying writing. More people read it than just my husband and my mother so I am doing well! One reader contacted me privately recommending I teach Alexis to put herself to sleep. I am very keen to start this as soon as she recovers from the flu. Corey being on holidays with us has been wonderful and I have got many blog posts at his expense.

22/1/11 I still haven’t attempted teaching Alexis self-soothing, as she has been going through developmental milestones, such as learning to walk. Sleep has been limited but I am incredibly proud of my baby girl. I appear to be coping better with managing motherly and domestic duties. This is partly due to Alexis being older and more independent, although I think I am also getting more efficient at housework. I have started a “tips from me to you” page to post tips I have discovered on my way. Some things will seem simple, but when young mums are tired, we often miss simple things. 😉

I wish I had more followers but I know I have other readers who have bookmarked this page and return regularly or are silent followers. I have received more feedback from people saying they enjoy my blog, and this means quite a lot. It is also interesting for me to look back and see what’s changed and what remains the same. I published my first post on anexternal blog. I don’t think many people have clicked on my link there to visit my blog but I didn’t write it for that purpose, I wrote it to glorify God for keeping all my family safe from the floods.

I have regained the taste for writing, and this has encouraged me to dig out my old notebooks containing poetry, art and songs I have written in the past. I will slowly but surely post them on my other blog which lets out my arty side, “a bits and pieces blog.” I don’t know if any of it is any good (most of it probably won’t be) but it would be a shame to lose these works, so I’ll put them on the internet in case my notebooks end up getting soaked, set on fire, lost in the top of our wardrobe for ever and ever or eaten by a baby. Stranger things have happened.

Toddlers chuck tantrums. This does not reflect on the parenting skills of the parent it just is a phase toddlers go through as they develop independence. Many apologies to the parents I’ve judgmentally thought “control your children” of in the past.

New tip on how save money and prepare for unexpected events – blog post Being prepared: stocking up

UPDATE: 28/2/11
Blog now has 13 followers. I’m enjoying reading other mummy blogs. It turns out there’s a lot of us in similar circumstances. I thought there might be. Many educated women choose to ditch the career or cut back hours to spend more time with the kids. Others love their work, or have to work for financial reasons, and I admire their strength, but I’m glad I don’t have to.

I still haven’t taught Alexis to put herself to sleep. I haven’t tried very hard. She was learning to walk (then run), “teething” (although still only the two bottom teeth from four months ago) and we’ve had an extremely busy fortnight. Basically I can’t be bothered. She usually falls asleep easily at the breast and at this point in our lives it is more convenient for all concerned. I half expect (I’ve been warned) this will continue to come back to haunt me every now and then, but I’ve convinced myself to optimistically reason that when she is older I will be able to reason with her, or when she’s in a bed I can cuddle up beside her, or that when she is weaned it will be easier… Weaning. A dirty word. There are times when I’m so over feeding and I think the longer we keep it up the harder it will be to stop. Other times it’s just so convenient and such a lovely experience. I’m torn between thinking it’s time to start cutting back on feeds and not wanting my baby girl to grow up ever. Alexis also goes through days when she’s disinterested in my milk and has days when she wants nothing else except for breastfeeds.

Looking through the audience statistics its amazing how many countries this little blog of mine has reached. Some are only one off (probably accidental) visits, but others are recurring. Unfortunately it only shows the top few countries so I’ve lost data on some that I know I’ve had hits from but it doesn’t keep a record of it anymore. Just to give you an idea and so I can look back at this when some are bumped off the list, the mother experiment has been visited from: Australia, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Chile, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Senegal.

My baby is one year old now and is running around. At times she is ridiculously clingy, but other times she runs AWAY from me. Usually she wants me the most when I am trying to get something done quickly or wanting to have a rest. Motherhood is hard work but it is very rewarding.

UPDATE 21/7/11

The mother experiment now has 38 followers plus 29 people “like” it on facebook. This blog has been visited from so many countries now, including: Australia, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Chile, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Senegal, Romania, Iran, Brazil, Bangladesh, Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Belgium, Phillipines, Greece, Indonesia, Ukraine, Finland, India and Jordan (updates in bold) . I am so happy with the progress my little blog is making. Blogging has helped me make sense of this journey. I still do feel like motherhood is an experiment at times. Sometimes I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing but I am enjoying it, most of the time.

Corey and I are expecting our second child, a son, in late October. We are so happy to be having another baby but I am slightly scared that I won’t be able to juggle two children. I guess I will just work it out as we go, as with all milestones along the way. I feel very blessed to be expecting a beautiful baby boy because I already have a beautiful baby girl and this way we’ll be able to “experiment” with one of each. That sounds clinical and terrible, but I do feel honoured I will get to experience the joy of having a daughter and the joy of having a son.

Despite all this I’ve been a little down lately, probably a bad mix of pregnancy hormones, sickness (we’ve been sick since April, it well and truly sucks), and the monotony of life as a housewife (who still sucks at housework). I’m trying to “get more joy” in my life. We’ve also been experimenting with different approaches to sleep with regards to Alexis. Both areas are improving well, so stay tuned for some interesting posts about htem in the next few months.

UPDATE: 14/8/11 This site has also now been viewed from China

UPDATE: 29/7//12 Nearly a year since I updated this page! So much has changed. Obviously the biggest change is our son William, who we lovingly called “Uggy”. The second big change in terms of this blog is that I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress at Easter time. Michelle from Little Hero Hosting did the migrating for me and she’s great. When I was on Blogger there was a stat tab I used to look at every day. I don’t look at my stats anymore because I haven’t installed a stat counter program on my self-hosted wordpress site. It’s kind of refreshing not knowing my stats but I do miss updating when I got a visit from a new country and I miss making a note of the funny search terms that lead people here.

I blog for the love of it and I know it’s growing due to the positive personal feedback from friends and strangers alike. After 6 months of no adsense I’ve put adsense code back on my blog in the hope to get a tiny bit of pocket money. Time will tell. I’ve had some great product review opportunities in the meantime. It also gives me “me time” which is helpful in managing my PND.


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