First post: What is ‘The Mother Experiment?’

Hi, my name is Karlee and this is me experimenting with blogging.

I used to be a scientist until just over 9 months ago when my beautiful baby girl was born, turning my whole world upside down. I love my darling angel, more than just about anything, but at times I do not understand how someone so little and tiny and innocent can make so much mess, make so much noise, and control everyone she comes in contact with.

Everything has changed. I hate change. So this was a major adjustment for me. In a feeble attempt to understand what was going on in my sleep-deprived brain, I started keeping a journal. Maybe its just my latest sleep-deprived “grand idea”, but I’ve decided to start blogging, incase there’s other young mums out there who can learn from my mistakes, my triumphs, or just be entertained by my random musings. Also, being incredibly frustrated with being labelled as a “bored housewife with nothing better to do” than run errunds, watch TV and wait for people to ask me to coffee, I would love to educate those who don’t have kids that it’s not all fun and games, being a stay at home mum takes work. Just because I don’t get paid doesn’t mean what I do isn’t valuable.

If you find this useful, entertaining, or even completely idiotic, comment and let me know.