Easiest raspberry milkshake ever.

One of the hardest things about being a mother is that you often get the scraps: the paper scraps to clean up, the sandpit remnants from shoes to sweep up, the fatigued cranky husband and children after work and school has claimed the best of them… Mum life is notoriously one of putting yourself last and if you’re not careful, getting left behind. Today I decided that being left behind to clean up can be a good thing if I look for opportunities to see it that way. So I’m on a mission to make peace with the mundane, to endure the endless ‘scraps’ and to find time for fun.

I like to keep jam jars but the clean up can be pesky. So here’s my latest lazy invention: the leftover jam milkshake. Don’t think of the calories, just enjoy. It could not be any easier and it is simply delicious.


  • One neglected jam jar with some bits of jam stuck in it.
  • Milk


  • Open lid
  • add milk
  • shake
  • pour into a glass if you want to be fancy, otherwise, bottoms up

Add milk
Shake it