Cooking Chinese at home like a pro

I love being part of product talk by Nuffnang.

If you’re a busy mummy put your hands up!

Raises two hands, one leg and an eyebrow.

I am a wife, I have two young kids, I’m studying, I’m attempting to maintain my blog and I am growing an miniature human inside my uterus. Yay me for living life to the full.

We can’t do it all so unfortunately there’s two things that often suffer: cleaning and cooking. We all know too well the midweek slump where you just don’t feel like cooking don’t we.

Hubby favourite way to help is to get takeaway. It’s quick, it’s easy, there’s not much mess, and it feels nice to treat ourselves. It never feels quite so good the next day though does it? Takeaway has a price, financially it’s expensive obviously but also it doesn’t do very good things for our bodies.

One of his ways to justify takeaway is buying Chinese takeaway. After all, it has vegetables and you just can’t cook Asian food at home very well without a whole lot of effort.

Actually, thanks to Maggi’s new Stir Fry Creations, it turns out I can.

Maggi’s Stir Fry creations come in five different flavours. I was sent four of them. We tried all four of them in about two weeks, for the purposes of reviewing. I can honestly say that they are easy, tasty and quite fun to work with. The best part? You know exactly what you’re eating and feeding your families. There is no added MSG which is incredibly important to me as my parents are allergic and with me being pregnant I don’t need anything that dehydrates me. It also has no artificial colours, if that floats your boat.

This is my little note from the first one I tried, Spicy Asian Beef.

It only took me 45 minutes to do the entire thing from getting stuff out of pantry and fridge (and both fridges were full so that took quite a while) to dishing it up.

Considering I had to pause to ask my Facebook friends if you could use all the Bok choi, along with “mummy I need a drink” etc etc, I think that’s fantastic. Poor Corey had to eat it reheated because it was just too quick for me to cook it, he wasn’t home in time. He said it still tasted great reheated, which is always good to know.

Next time it will only take me about 20 minutes because I will know what to do and when.

As long as you have meat that’s fresh or defrosted it’s such a quick easy meal. Even better if the meat is pre-cut.

As for the taste? Delicious.

So what do you do?

Step 1: split the packet in half using the easy perforated line. If you haven’t bought stir fry strips, cut your meat now.

Step 2: mix the “infusion paste” and stir fry strips of beef in a bowl. Let sit for five minutes while you do step three.

Step 3: chop veggies. On the back of each stir fry sauce packet it suggests various vegetables to choose from. You can go all out and get the Asian veggies like Bok Choi and mini corn or you can just use what’s in the bottom of the crisper like beans and mushrooms and zucchini. It’s up to personal choice. I like this freedom.

Step 4: cook the meat for five minutes. Stirring. Being marinated with the infusion paste, the meat stays juicy and tender and even my sensitive pregnancy nose will agree that it smells great.

Step 5: add the veggies to the pan and cook another three minutes

Step 6: crack open the “finishing sauce”, add this to the pan, mix it around and cook a further two minutes. Adding the finishing sauce at the last minute like this keeps the sauce from evaporating away and keeps the veggies nice and crisp.

Step 7: Serve it up with rice or noodles or even on its own. When having noodles I tend to add them to the pan when I add the sauce because saucy slippery noodles are awesome.

It really is that simple.

Here’s some pictures.

Chinese five spice and soy beef, my personal favourite.

Teriyaki sesame chicken, hubby’s personal favourite.

Lemongrass, ginger and sweet chilli chicken, lovingly prepared by my sister and brother in law. Proof that anyone can do it. Just kidding, I love Manda’s cooking, but I did want somebody else to try using the sachets to prove how convenient they are. Manda raved about them, saving they will become a regular item on their grocery list.

Honey soy and garlic chicken. I was so confident with the two-step sauce process by this stage that we invited my parents over for dinner. Considering company is usually served takeaway or BBQ, this was a big deal for me. My mum in particular loved this flavour.

As you can see they are quick, easy and convenient. At $3.29 retail from woolworths or Coles they are affordable. They certainly are delicious but don’t take my word for it, try one out for yourselves. If you try the Garlic and Ginger chicken let me know. I haven’t tried that one yet as I’m more than happy with the ones I have.