Cooking with kids: chicken pie

I love my date days with my little man. With big Sis at kindy, we can be a little more adventurous with our activities.

The best thing I’ve learned though is that I don’t have to constantly come up with new activities to keep him busy. For a two year old, any thing at all has the potential to turn into an adventure. After all, he is still new to the world and discovering things in a new light day by day.

He loves to help me cook and I am pleased to announce that he has finally reached the stage where he is actually helpful.

So here’s our little cooking adventure for your enjoyment. Maybe you can try it too.

Toddler-friendly chicken pie

– leftover chicken casserole (ours was slow cooked chicken breast, celery and carrot as I had removed the potatoes. You could easily use a shredded BBQ chicken or any leftover meat.)
– pastry
– gravox
– hot water
– egg
– splash of milk

– pull out pastry to thaw.
toddler involvement: pull blue plastic sheets off pastry. William found this insanely entertaining.
– fish anything out of the chicken that you don’t want in the pie. We had fun digging out the potatoes.
– boil jug for gravy. Make gravy as early into the process as possible so it can cool. William loves mixing gravy but careful, it’s hot.
– preheat oven 180 degrees
– lay thawed pastry over pie dish. Double layer. Leave excess where it is for now, it’ll come in handy later.
– spoon in chicken mixture. This is great fun for a developing toddler. “dump and fill” is one of William’s favourite past times. Allow plenty of time.


– pour gravy (cooled) over contents of pie
– add pie lid, again using two sheets of pastry. Use overlapping bits to seal it.
– beat one egg and mix with splash of milk.
– “paint” eggwash over top of pie. Save rest in fridge to apply again half way through cooking process. Also to use for desert if making desert at the same time like we did.
– quickly give toddler the gravy jug so he can eat the remnants of that instead of trying to eat the eggwash. Gross!


– bake pie for 20-30 mins.
In this time we made desert, which for us was frozen berries (thawed) in pastry parcels. This just helped us pass the time. I also made a Nutella one for hubby coz he is weird and doesn’t eat berries. It was delicious.

Serve pie warm and enjoy!