Control freaks, kids, craft and a cross

Alexis wanted to make an Easter card about Jesus, “so that when the Easter bunny comes to bring our eggs we can show him what Easter is about.”

Bless her.

Normally with craft activities I just let the kids do it completely on their own with some pens and paper or stickers. Most of their craft experiences are at daycare. Not because I don’t like craft, I do, but because I’m a control freak. I struggle with being involved without being too involved. Despite being a mum for over four years now, it’s extremely unnatural for me to have an idea, set it up, and then stand back and watch them kill it.

I in no way at all compare to God giving us Jesus but in the smallest of ways I get a glimpse of the strangeness of Easter to Christians. God gave us Jesus, his Son. He was perfect, He didn’t sin at all. The entire purpose of Jesus was to eventually be handed over to God’s children so they could kill him. God’s greatest masterpiece was destroyed. The kids made such a mess it took him three days to fix it. 😉 (on Sunday we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead.)

Jesus died so that ALL who believe in Him can be saved.

What we do with his beautiful gift is up to us.