Miss two is to the point

I think my darling two year old feels she needs to dumb things down for her greying scatterbrained mother. She constantly repeats herself upon hearing “no”, as though I was merely too daft to understand the brilliance of her request in the first place. Interestingly, her inability to audibly process the word “no” does not seem to hinder her ability to articulate the word herself. It’s not a problem on her end, as far as she’s concerned, you just have to really spell things out for mummy. Take this afternoon for example.

Miss two demanded my attention in her customary manner. “Mummy, you get me something else.” I responded in a similar way, “you eat what you’ve been given.” “But I can’t,” she replied with the tone of voice that insinuates I was dropped on my head at birth. I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt. “Did your brother eat your pie?” I asked timidly, prepared for any numbers of responses as to the whereabouts of said pastry.

“no,” she replied slowly, taking the time to ensure I comprehended the severity of her impending starvation, “it’s just poo.” I took the time to ponder my response, taking into account the fact that it was a reheated supermarket pie left over from last night’s dinner, it probably wasn’t the most tasty specimen of a meal. I figured I would let her get away with not eating it. Despite any attempt to refute her refusal to consume said pie, she felt the need to continue, “and I don’t like poo.”

Well, she would know.


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