School morning survival for 6 year olds 

I haven’t been able to blog much lately because my children take up pretty much all of my time. Well, that and I found All Saints on presto but let’s just blame the kids. 

Kids cop a fair bit of the blame for all sorts of things don’t they. Most of the time I try to remember that children are, well, children and that they don’t intentionally search for ways to annoy me with every waking moment. There’s the occasional time though that I have to wonder what planet they got dropped off from. 

My kids just seem to think differently to me. My very almost six year old is completely foreign to me in so many ways. Don’t get me wrong, there’s times when we are so in synch it is scary, but at other times, she’s just the embodiment of weird. 

So I’ve done this little instruction guide to make the mornings easier for us. Maybe somebody can translate it to her for me. 

School morning checklist 

  • put your school uniform on before you start chasing the toddler around the house trying to dress her. It might come as a surprise to you but mummy is quite capable of dressing your sister. 
  • Find your school socks before you interrupt my shower to start hassling me about me taking too long 
  • Put your lunch in your bag AND ZIP IT UP, because this is actually easier than screaming at a two year old for stealing your juice 
  • If you’re going to try to wear a purple singlet under your school uniform so you can feel powerful, do up your buttons so I don’t have to know about it. 
  • Don’t have a heart attack about not being able to find a kindergarten uniform for your brother on the days he’s already dressed in plain clothes because it’s not a kindergarten day. Again, kid, I got this. 
  • If you get milk or peanut butter onto your PJs, put them in the dirty clothes basket, not on your bedroom floor
  • You are not ready to go until your hair is brushed, which brings me to the most important point of all, 

IF YOU THINK I’M TOO ROUGH WHEN I BRUSH YOUR HAIR, DO IT YOURSELF!!! (Especially after we’ve already fought over all the other points on this list.) 

If you can do this, then kiddo we are gonna get on just fine. 


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