Shhhh time out 

I’ve been plagued by tinnitus on and off for many years. I honestly can’t remember when it started. It has always driven me crazy but lately it’s shifted up a gear and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it.. 

My daughter is approaching the end of her third term of organised schooling. She’s exhausted. At three o’clock when I pick her up she’s a bundle of energy zapping off to the playground but by three thirty she’s a zombie. A very loud, very shrill, shrieking, screeching zombie. She wants her own way, she wants everyone to be her slave, and when we won’t give in (of course we won’t) she punishes me in the way she knows hurts the most: the assault on the ears.  It is so intense it makes me want to vomit. 

I’m looking forward to the holidays. Mostly. The break will do her good. I’m just slightly tentative about having all three of them home all day long for two weeks. They play so well together when they want to but oh my goodness when one of them is cranky and the other two pick up on it, the shouting is so bad I consider cutting off my ears and posting them. Weird, that sounds vaguely familiar. 

So I’m practicing with them. When they get all worked up and my ears are ringing and I just can’t stand the noise, we are doing “silent time outs.” It is like a timeout in their own rooms except I know that would just make them kick up even more of a stink and I don’t have the energy to deal with it. So we stay where we are and they keep playing with what their playing but they don’t get to whine. For five minutes. Or the timer starts again. Hope is obviously exempt. Unfortunately. For now. If they won’t respect the silent time out then it’s off to their room to be cranky somewhere else. 


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  1. I feel for you. I don’t have tinnitus but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve developed a noise phobia. Maybe I’ve always had it, but didn’t get tested til the children and their loud, loud voices came to live with me. I have ear plugs, truth be told I don’t use them enough. I’m not sure why….. Children are so sensitive to what pushes our buttons. We don’t have to say a word, but they know. I’ve often said of a particular child that her weapon is her mouth. I hope the silent time outs are working, thinking of you…….

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