Shopping by the sexes

Our eldest daughter is recovering well from her tonsilectomy. We are very thankful that everything is going well. She is coping much better with the upheaval than her father and I are. It’s disappointing that I am not surprised by that. The brutal truth is simple: it’s takes “grown-ups” way longer to catch up sleep disturbances. Corey and I both barely slept on Wednesday night. Corey because he was in the hospital watching out for her, me because I was dealing with our son’s “I want daddy” and the baby’s usual all night breast fetish. I must night wean her. When I have enough energy to not sleep long enough to make the changes so I can get more sleep. It doesn’t make sense does it. 

Stay with me. 

Being housebound for the next two weeks, I took the opportunity yesterday to pop out for a bottle of milk and some cheese. 

Much to my husband’s dismay I was gone for an entire hour. I used that hour wisely though, returning excitedly with an entire grocery shop. Only the “essentials” of course, including 

  • Watermelon (which she devoured)
  • Bacon (middle rather which is softer which she devoured) 
  • Hash browns (which are her favourite) 
  • Lasagna (coz it was 25% off and we will celebrate with that when she heals) 
  • Cheese 
  • Milk 
  • Sugar so we could bake soft snacks for her 
  • Flour to go with the sugar 
  • Cordial because water tastes gross to her with her mouth all festy 
  • Ravioli because she eats it 
  • Milo because it has vitamins without being acidic 
  • Marshmallows to buy off William coz he was not coping 
  • Mac n cheese because it’s quick and easy while I’m flat out 
  • Felt pens and paper because we had trouble keeping up with her paper fetish 
  • Cheerios (cocktail Frankfurt) because they are soft… 

I even remembered to stop off at the chemist for probe tips for the in ear thermometer. 

So yeah, I abandoned all three children with their own father (what a monster he thought I was) for an entire hour but look how much I achieved! 

I think ahead. That’s what mums do. 

This afternoon my husband went to the shops for some jeans. He only had one pair left that weren’t broken. His instructions were: “please get yourselves lots of jeans so I don’t have to wash everyday.

Being a man, he was super impressed with his efforts of only being out for an hour and returning triumphantly with 

  • One pair of jeans 
  • A second pair of jeans 

Yep, if there was ever any question that boys and girls are different, there’s not now.

Oh wait, he also bought a shirt. 



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