On giving it up to God

Every now and then Hubby flaws me with his natural ability to introduce the kids to cool stuff at teachable moments. 

I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch lately. Struggling socially, battling with illness, worrying about stuff I can’t control..Our precious eldest child needs surgery soon and as much I know she needs it, I know just enough about the human body to know how hard it’ll be for her to recover. I’m also aware of how much mental stimulation she needs and how much the mandatory time off school is going to hurt us all. How will I cope with the three of them home, with her in searing pain and the young’ns getting restless. 

In typical Karlee fashion I stressed out early so as to be uber prepared by the time I need to be. I tried to do the right thing but I failed. I robbed us of enjoying the beautiful weekend that’s just been. I withdrew inside my head and failed to engage. When I finally participated in a fun activity they messed it up and everything came crumbling down on top of me. I will not let my daughter know I’m worried about her, as she needs me to be the adult who she can trust to protect her..  so I just came across as mean. Go figure. The stress oozes out in ugly ways at times. I haven’t exactly been the best role model in terms of godly behaviour for our darling offspring. I’ve never pretended to have it all together. It’s hardly a secret. Whilst accidentally devoting my life to teaching my children what not to do, we also strive to make sure they appreciate how to handle failure. 

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. 

There is not one who is perfect. 

Sound familiar? 

Everybody breathes, everybody poops, and everybody makes a hash of things at times. 

The difference lies in how we handle it. 

Acknowledge it. Confess. Ask for forgiveness. Accept forgiveness. Let it go and move on. 

Sometimes changing destructive patterns is tricky and so this is where Corey comes into it. So what do you do when you don’t know what to do? Give it up to God. 

Praying is awesome and we love praying as a family but sometimes we also love a little visual aide. 

Kudos to Corey for his engaging and educational way to get the point across. 

Write it out, send it up and let it go. 


And then celebrate! 


Lighting sparklers on the side burner coz we’re out of matches, yeah don’t try this at home kids! 


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  1. I love the whole write it out send it up and let it go idea. Also sparklers. Everything is always better after sparklers. I hope the operation goes well for you big girl. Sending you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady xxx

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