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Monthly Archives: April 2015

A moment in time (and a very good one)

Never underestimate the power of hanging the washing on the line in peace.  Picture this moment with me.  Your baby is asleep in her bed for the first time in days, maybe even weeks. The other children are not home. You step outside with a basket of washing. The air is cool and crisp but […]


Get a job

Once again my blogging has been put on hold for a little while. This time it’s not a child-related multitasking issue but rather a matter of red tape waiting. For about 6 months I’ve been “self-employed” but in a job with a lot of restrictions. I’m not supposed to have adds on my blog anymore. […]


Spontaneous oven cleaning 

So I just cleaned the oven while hubby bathed the kids. That either says volumes about how quick I am at cleaning (not likely) or how good the product is. Then immediately after I simply washed my hands and was ready to feed the baby. A non-smelly, non-toxic, non-caustic oven cleaner that actually works? Pretty cool […]


Terrible two too early

My baby number 3 was the easiest of babies. She’s so friendly and easy going and confident.  Until she’s not.  She’s probably slightly brighter than average, meaning we’ve hit the terrible “twos” at not even one and a half. It’s not fair but it is funny. Her pint size works to my advantage in that […]