2014 in review

We’ve reached that time of year again. December. The time when I take stock of the year that was and make some plans for the year ahead. Sometimes I like doing this, sometimes I don’t. It depends how often I have yelled/screamed/thrown a hissy fit recently and how down I am about it. “An other entire year has gone and you’re still the same…” Be quiet stupid negative self talk. nobody invited you.

Well it’s true that not as much has changed as I would have liked, there has definitely been some positive change. Any change in the right direction is a good thing. Besides that, the whole point about Christmas is God sent Jesus to save us because we couldn’t save ourselves. That is the reason to be joyful. That is the reason to celebrate the season. I don’t need to justify anything to anyone but God, but, sometimes it is a bit fun to look back a little bit and see what’s been happening. So, here’s our 2014 in review.

For Corey, Alexis, William and myself this was pretty much just another year. We were at the same church. We lived in the same house. We went to the same playgroup. Corey had the same job. I did the same physics course. The kids had the same day care on the same days. We ate fairly similar foods. I can’t believe I’m being so bold as to say this but we even had the same appliances except for a kettle. Please don’t jinx it. Oh no that’s right, the washing machine died and the freezer had to be repaired. phew.. We’re all good.

It was just a continuation of all things 2013 except for one small but rather noisy exception. Hope arrived in a storm, spent a few days getting a kick-ass tan under some lights, and came home rather triumphantly. 20140208-104333.jpg 20140208-105142.jpg She has, for the most part, slotted into family life extremely well. There’s very little we had to do to accommodate her THIS year as all the major changes happened long before she arrived. Remember the rearranging rooms and the new car!

There’s certainly been no shortage of love for this little one, mostly because she gives so much to us in return. She’s spent the last few days during a developmental leap driving me absolutely crazy with clinginess, but I still could not imagine life without her. William has done a fantastic job of being a big brother and Alexis has certainly welcomed her baby sister with open arms also. We are extremely thankful for our tight-nit family unit.

I am thankful for our “growth year” because next year sees more changes, namely Alexis starting “big school” for the first time. She’s ridiculously excited and I couldn’t be happier for her, even if it does mean I lose my “big helper” and have to learn to get my buttocks out of the house on time twice a day and put two toddlers in and out of the car four times a day, five days a week. Oh help me. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Of course, things always change. I’ve finished my physics, started a ‘business’, got some blonde highlights… Oh yeah we now have pets. Just fish, but it’s been fun for the kids and us biggest kids too. Not that *any* of us are exactly little anymore! They grow so fast. Some things always change but some things, like babies being scared of santa, will never change.santafrom our home to yours,

merry Christmas