Our crafty day

William and Hope and I aren’t very well today so we canceled our pre-existing plans. Alexis wasn’t too impressed. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a healthy 4.5 year old when you’re feeling lousy but I would like to think I have filled the day in nicely to make it up to her.

This morning they had a lovely long bath complete with food colouring. We started with blue. “What happens if I add red?” I asked. “Purple!” Shouted Alexis. This is before I did it. Wow. “What if I add yellow to blue?” “Green!” Very cool. Bit by bit all our concoctions of colours ended up in the bath, making a very nice “muddy puddle” at the end.

They were being pretty nice so I threw in some paint brushes. “Let’s paint some letters.”… Educational and pretty fun and surprisingly easy to clean up.

TV. Lunch. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

Nap time didn’t happen. I was the only one who wanted a sleep. So all coffee’d up I decided it was craft time.

Plastic cup + plastic spoon + pipe cleaners + googley eyes… People for our box house.



Ok a craft blogger I am not but in the eyes of my children I am awesome.

If only I could just grow up enough to not be worse than the children with “that’s MINE! don’t touch MY one!” Whoops. Idiot.

All in all we had so much fun that I ended up letting them loose with some paints to paint the box while I fed the baby. Inside the house. As In indoors. Not outside. On our actual dining table.

I’m that confident I can clean things up now, which makes mess-making that much more fun. With all my Norwex stuff that you can now order through me if you like coz I’m an independent Norwex consultant.
So maybe I’ve grown up a little bit.

Gee I’m tired though. Not from the clean-up, that was easy and painless. Just from the lack of nap. I’m not quite ready for my middle child to give up naps yet. Then again, he lasted a year and a half longer than his big sister did so I guess I should be thankful.

If I keep planning fun indoor activities to pass the heat of the day I might just survive summer. Oh gosh it’s only 3 o’clock.