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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Our crafty day

William and Hope and I aren’t very well today so we canceled our pre-existing plans. Alexis wasn’t too impressed. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a healthy 4.5 year old when you’re feeling lousy but I would like to think I have filled the day in nicely to make it up to her. This morning […]


Alexis gets a mummy date

When you have three kids, ANY one on one time is special to them. William asks me to sit on the floor and watch him poop.. Not my favourite way to spend quality time but hey we take what we can get. Alexis, being older and generally better behaved, gets slightly more interesting mummy-dates. Today […]


Mummy logic

So apparently I do deceive my children slightly. Not in a bad way… I don’t think. I used to be really blunt like Dr Cox off Scrubs. A: “mummy do you like my drawing?” Me: “no not really.” W: “I did wee in my undies” Me: “that’s coz you wouldn’t go to the toilet when […]


Don’t be a jerk

It’s very easy to realise if something someone is doing is jerky behaviour. It’s not so easy to realise that you’re being a jerk if you do the very same thing yourself. I myself am a jerk on a regular basis. I’m selfish and blunt and a little too easily angered. So this is not […]