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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Ice is cold

You gotta love kids. William, age 3, had spent half an hour playing with ice on the front yard. I don’t know how but he was impervious to the cold and had a great time breaking up the clumps. Hubby had tipped out the leftover ice out of the esky before leaving for work. It […]


The do’s and don’t’s of teething

Is baby teething? Here’s some simple do’s and don’ts to make life easier for the sleep deprived. Do encourage baby to chew on things and rub her gums on things. Don’t let baby chew on your finger, arm, face, leg, etc. it’s cute when there’s no teeth but once the pearly white emerges it’s a […]


Mummy’s little mathematician

I was doing a little bit of physics this morning while William watched tv and Hope ‘helped’ Corey fold some washing. Cute as. Alexis had been colouring in but was now ‘helping me’ with my physics in between watching tv. I was really enjoying spending some time with her. She was getting the hang of […]


Exam prep

Preparing for exams is a little different these days. During my school years, the night before an exam I would be asking questions such as “do I know everything I need to know to get an A+.” During my university years, the night before an exam I would be asking myself, “do I know where […]