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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Compassion, Joy and Hope

A little compassion goes a long way. Alexis has a sore eye. She’s not going to kindy today. At her age it’s extremely difficult to tell what’s actually wrong, so I’m just trying to keep her calm until I can get her to the doctor. She was asleep in her bed when I decided to […]


dramatic girl and the case of the capsicum pizza

Dramatic girl is very dramatic. I’m pretty sure I’ve touched on this before. My oldest daughter will scream and chuck a tanty over the most seemingly insignificant of things. Surprisingly, she is amazingly resilient with the big things in life. It’s just one of those things. Perhaps it’s how she copes with the ‘big stuff’ […]


“Are you gonna be right?”

My husband does many loving things to serve our family. Financially he’s a very good provider. I don’t mention enough how thankful I am to be able to stay home to raise our kids. I spend a lot of time whinging and wishing I could have my life back but in all honestly it is […]


If they’re not crying…

If you have a young, non-mobile baby, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “If they’re not crying they’re ok.” This is well-intentioned. It’s supposed to save us from hours upon hours of checking up on baby. “Why isn’t she sleeping”, “oh look she’s staring at her hand,” etc etc. It IS possible to get a little […]