Compassion, Joy and Hope

A little compassion goes a long way.

Alexis has a sore eye. She’s not going to kindy today. At her age it’s extremely difficult to tell what’s actually wrong, so I’m just trying to keep her calm until I can get her to the doctor.

She was asleep in her bed when I decided to try to put Hope to sleep in my bed. Coz, you know, between my 3 needy children and my wake-at-your-own-risk-extremely-volatile darling husband, I was up all night and I am absolutely stuffed.


Hope messed around and finally decided to feed properly just as Alexis woke screaming again and wandered on in.

“Your appointment isn’t for a little while baby, how about you lie down here while I finish feeding Hope.” She whimpered and sobbed but did as I said.

What happened next is so cute that it actually hurts. This is while Hope is facing the other direction feeding.