Dream morning?

Sometimes I love being a blogger. Like when I get presents in the mail to review.


As usual with product talk by Nuffnang I don’t get paid to review the products but I do get to use them as I see fit. When I was offered to review Uncle Toby’s Quick Oats sachets it was a no-brainer. I already knew they were delicious because my mum has been buying them for as long as I can remember. Mum is very particular about what she eats, making sure it is as healthy as possible with no added colours or flavours. She has one every morning in winter. She doesn’t like milk so she makes them just with water and they’re tasty enough to eat without adding anything else at all.

I felt slightly guilty offering to review something I already knew I liked, except, well, I wanted to test them out on my own family to see how we went. My husband is extremely stubborn when it comes to food, as is our oldest daughter. I was dreaming that we would find a breakfast product that the whole family would actually eat. We were at the stage that every single member of our family had their own cereal. There’s five of us. It’s ridiculous. I would love to just have one thing in the cupboard and a stress-free production-line type of breakfast. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. My husband was all “I don’t like oats” and wouldn’t taste it at all. I thought about tying him down and force feeding him but logistics got in the way and eventually I decided, hey, more for me.

And them..



William in particular is a huge fan of the honey oats sachet. This is a massive win for us because he had previously having us serve him wheetbix with hot water and honey and rice bubbles on top AND begging for his sister’s sultana bran as well. So for him to just eat one thing and be satisfied, is fantastic. Best of all it’s wholegrain oats so he’s not pestering me for morning tea within half an hour of finishing anymore.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the convenience factor has gone up a notch recently. Instead of having to get a measuring cup to measure half a cup of milk it’s even easier. This is how you make the oats: open sachet, pour into bowl, add milk up to line of empty sachet and tip that into the bowl, stir, microwave 90 seconds. It’s that easy. But caution, it is hot when the microwave beeps so you do have to let it cool a little bit.

This is ok for me because I get to make my cuppa and change William’s nappy and things like that without my breakky going cold. Oh who am I kidding, Corey makes breakfast. So he puts William’s in the microwave while he gets his and Alexis’ (she’s reverted to her old favourite because she won’t eat anything warm this month) cereal and Hope’s fruit ready and while it’s cooling he changes William’s nappy and then he puts mine in and makes a cup of tea for me and by the time I’ve stumbled out of bed and been to the toilet they’re sitting happily at the table eating peacefully. So that’s pretty close to a dream morning and I’m a very spoilt princess.