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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Good baby?

I’m still a little bit confused by the “oh she’s such a good baby” statement that I seem to get so often when people meet Hope. Yes, she is wonderful, and I’m so very blessed to have her. I really have hit the genetic lottery jackpot with this one… Or have I? Yeah she’s pleasing […]


The Corey can

Thursday 26th My sister and I have this running joke with my hubby.. He can do just about anything if he wants to so we call him the Corey Can. He has a song. You know the candy man song? Well instead of the candy man can it’s the Corey can can. Stupid yes but […]


8 tips for waste-free baby food

Nothing is sponsored. I wish it was. In our house we make our own baby food. We aren’t opposed to having the occasional jar in the cupboard set aside for outings but most of the time we prefer to know exactly what’s in what we feed our smallest family member. There’s also the financial incentive. […]


Hardest worker

The hardest worker award in our household probably goes to little miss 4. So many times it seems she is the hardest child for me to manage. That’s probably because her intelligent questions challenge my propensity to run on autopilot. When I stop and think about it, she’s really pretty incredible with how much she […]