Good baby?

I’m still a little bit confused by the “oh she’s such a good baby” statement that I seem to get so often when people meet Hope.

Yes, she is wonderful, and I’m so very blessed to have her. I really have hit the genetic lottery jackpot with this one… Or have I?

Yeah she’s pleasing on the eyes physically, with her cheeky smile and clear skin and spunky hair. Yeah she’s wonderful to cuddle and smells great. Yeah she’s almost always happy when we are out. She’s alert and playful and interactive.

I’m very lucky. She’s wonderful.

I’m happy to admit that. I’m happy to share my happy go lucky easy baby with you.

It’s funny how it’s so easy to think “yeah she’s a great baby” and yet still beat myself up for being a “terrible” mother when I’m frustrated, exhausted, hormonal and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of demands I face.

So I’m writing the following spiel. I’m not writing it to boast. I’m not writing it to put others down. I’m just writing it because sometimes I need to make note of the good I do so I can remember it when times get tough.

I am a good mother.

My baby is a good baby because I am a good mother.

She has a cheeky smile because she has seen big cheeky smiles from me when we gaze at each other.

She has bright eyes because my breast milk keeps her healthy.

She is confident to be passed around to strangers because she is 100% certain that I love her and will be there for her when she needs me.

She has clear skin because my husband and I keep her clean enough to be healthy but not so clean as to dry out her skin.

She smells good because if she dirties her nappy or spews on herself I change her.

She is snuggly because I chose a great fabric softener and dress her in comfortable clothes.

She is playful because I play with her and I carefully supervise her as she plays with her older brothers and sisters.

She is intelligent because we read to her in the womb and from birth and because I talk to her, explaining the world around us, as I go about my day.

She is strong because I often carry her in my arms in various positions so she can see what’s going on and feel close to me.

She is happy when we are out because if she is extremely miserable we don’t go out.

She is happy when we are out because if she has needs, I meet them.

If she is dirty or wet I change her.

If she is bored I play with her.

If she is tired I help her fall asleep.

If she is hungry I feed her. Whenever and wherever. No matter how cold or uncomfortable or awkward.

She gets miserable if she gets overtired so I prioritise her getting enough sleep even if it means sacrificing on cleaning, studying, social life, or my own sleep.

She gets very bad wind if I eat broccoli, onion or bananas, so I don’t eat broccoli, onion or bananas. Even though I absolutely adore bananas.

She is too irritable if I drink coffee so I don’t drink coffee.

She gets a sore tummy if I eat chocolate so I make sure I set aside extra time for cuddles after the feeds after I eat chocolate.

Hey I’m not a perfect mother, just ask my four year old, but I’m not too bad either.