because I promised

Christian comedian Ken Davis does a skit called Strawberry Underwear. Basically he was almost asleep when he heard God say “Ken, you promised”, making him get up and put on the undies he promised his wife he would wear. It’s starts off funny and ends up so hilarious it hurts how much you laugh.

I was reminded of this tonight while I was tucked up in bed, almost asleep, when I got a very strong whatever you call it, “you promised”. Yeah, I did. Not underwear choices, but a promise I made to my daughter.

I promised her a few days ago I would make more space on her camera so she could take some photos at a party she has tomorrow.

I thought about the excuses. “I couldn’t because we spent all day at nanna and grandads”, or “you didn’t remind me,” but I knew I must keep my word.

So while I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish the load (I was just going to go to sleep and put it in the dryer next time I got up to feed), I thought I’d share some of her photography with the big wide world. why? well, because things are kind of interesting through the lens when captured by a child at waist height who doesn’t stay still.


PICT0049 PICT0055 PICT0091 PICT0097 PICT0099 PICT0002 PICT0021 PICT0045Some of those are quite good really, considering there’s a hundred of these:

PICT0074Why did I even get her a camera? because I promised..