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Monthly Archives: May 2014

because I promised

Christian comedian Ken Davis does a skit called Strawberry Underwear. Basically he was almost asleep when he heard God say “Ken, you promised”, making him get up and put on the undies he promised his wife he would wear. It’s starts off funny and ends up so hilarious it hurts how much you laugh. I […]



Parenting is watching with excited anticipation as your four year old takes ten minutes to do up four buttons. You don’t dare mention she’s starting in the wrong spot and hope she won’t notice they’re mismatched. If your kid is like mine, she’ll realise soon enough and come to you all distraught wanting to start […]


Blood-curdling screams

I have dodgy ears. I’m quite sensitive to sounds. So naturally God blessed me with three children who scream at the top of their lungs. He’s good like that. I kind of like that my kids have great screams because if they were ever in legitimate danger there would be no way that no one […]



My daughters think I’m a monster. My boy loves me slightly but sometimes I think these girls hate me. Oh I kid. They love me but they’re quite selfish. I guess it’s an occupational hazard of having children. Hope only thinks I’m a monster because junk mail is not food. Alexis thinks I’m a monster […]