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Monthly Archives: April 2014

When it’s so wrong it’s right

Perhaps it’s just William’s personality that’s the basis of his charm. You do have to love his confidence. Breakfast: you’re doing it wrong. So so wrong but yet it’s almost right.


Gender stereotypes

Sometimes gender stereotypes have a bit of truth to them. My “big two” had a sleep over at Nanna and grandad’s last night and met us at church this morning. Alexis, my oldest girl, was immaculately presented in a flowing long flowery dress with pretty pink sandals. Nanna had painstakingly put up Alexis’ hair half […]


The no sleep routine roster

My whole entire life seems to be about poo, spew, food and sleep. With three kids I guess that’s a bit to be expected. What’s most baffling is that they’ve got themselves working their individual routines together to create a cohesive unit… To keep me on my toes at all times.. Hope sleeps well in […]


Control freaks, kids, craft and a cross

Alexis wanted to make an Easter card about Jesus, “so that when the Easter bunny comes to bring our eggs we can show him what Easter is about.” Bless her. Normally with craft activities I just let the kids do it completely on their own with some pens and paper or stickers. Most of their […]