Maternity ward

I wonder how many cases of PND could be avoided by a few simple changes in the way maternity wards are run.

I recon the following changes would make such a huge difference.

– FEED US BREAKFAST. and not at 8am as visiting hours start when our older kids arrive excited about the baby but end up just wanting to eat our food. In order to produce breast milk for bubby, mummy needs to eat.

– LET US SLEEP. The whole buzzer thing? Sucks ass. Seriously. Between babies screaming and the buzzer going off and the phone ringing and the intercom and the door bell it’s barely tolerable. But then the nurses stand around the reception desk and have a gossip. At 4am. Not cool.

And if you’re not going to give us breakfast til 8am then why the hell does the meal lady wake us at 6am saying “just coming to get your water jugs” at the top of her lungs? How about you reverse the two processes ey?

– GIVE US OUR MEDS. If they recommend pain relief every 4-6 hours then it’s not wise to make me wait 7 hours for it. It’s just mean.

it doesn’t seem that hard really does it?