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Monthly Archives: December 2013

More sleep avoidance

Clutching at straws tonight Alexis? Me: “goodnight sweetheart.” Alexis: “mummy you promised me we would do my kitty.” Me: “pardon?” Alexis: “the colouring kitty, you promised me would do it when William is asleep remember?” I remember now, the cat/dog thing Lexi got for Christmas that you decorate with glitter pens.. I did promise we […]


“Mummy perhaps you should do this when we are asleep”

You can’t really argue with the logic of a nearly four-year old. Well you can try but it’s most likely they won’t listen anyway. This afternoon Corey and I were supervising the kids while they were playing in the sandpit. They were happy enough, so Corey and I started discussing what super fun outings we […]


So I’ve been awake since 3 and I’m crabby

So I’ve been awake since 3am. Which sucks. Coz I know I won’t get a nap today coz it’s Christmas. So I’m a bit bahumbug today already. And I’m terrified coz there’s no other day in the year with as much pressure to be nice. I was woken with a shock at 3am when Corey […]


Seeing baby on the screen

Corey and I recently went on a date to an ultrasound place. We were blessed to see images of our littlest cherub moving around without our other two distracting us. It was a wonderful experience. We took home a DVD of the real-time ultrasound images. I was so excited to show it to the kids. […]