More sleep avoidance

Clutching at straws tonight Alexis?

Me: “goodnight sweetheart.”
Alexis: “mummy you promised me we would do my kitty.”
Me: “pardon?”
Alexis: “the colouring kitty, you promised me would do it when William is asleep remember?”
I remember now, the cat/dog thing Lexi got for Christmas that you decorate with glitter pens.. I did promise we would do it during a day sleep if she fell asleep first and woke up before William.. Instead of messing around for an hour before falling asleep like she usually does.
Me: “how about we do that tomorrow when Nanna is here?”
Alexis: “that’s a great idea. We don’t want Nanna to miss out.”

I immediately realise the idiocy of what I just said as ‘Nanna’ is coming tomorrow because ‘grandad’ is helping Corey take our kitchen table and chairs to the dump and pick up our new-to-us dining suite. I’m wondering how we are gonna paint the silly cat/dog thing without a table and chairs. 8 months preggers doesn’t do cross-legged on floor well, neither do I like 40 degrees outside weather. I consider letting Alexis stay up to do the decorating thing tonight seeing as the table is being dumped tomorrow anyway.. Yes, the table is that broken… My train of thought is interrupted..

Alexis: “mummy I have something really important to tell you.”
Me: “yes darling?”
Alexis: “there’s something I really miss about my old family.”
Me: sitting down on edge of bed “what’s that sweetheart?” What old family?
Alexis: “my tiara. My tiara broke a long time ago. I would like a new one.”
Me: lying her down and kissing her forehead “goodnight Alexis.”