Early mornings and epic noise

I’m a bit torn this morning.

The kids have been up since twenty past five and I have said Corey can go back to bed. He’s been in the room for fourty minutes but whether he’s slept or not I’m not sure.

The kids have been incredibly noisy.

I spent half an hour trying to convince them to be quiet. They’re having great delight at shouting at each other outside the bedroom door “shh! Daddy sleeping” but they have no intention of keeping their voices down.

I’m trying to leave emotional reactions out of it and examine the facts of the situation. What are the facts?

* Corey should have gone to bed earlier last night. And every night really.
* I’m tired too
* the kids did the right thing in sleeping through the night on their own in their own beds
* abc for kids isn’t on tv yet
* the sun was up before they woke, they’re kids, they can’t tell time
* they’re playing so happily together

But there’s these facts to consider also
* when Corey sends me back to sleep he takes the kids back to the other end of the house as far away from my room as possible
* I’ve asked the kids a hundred times to be more quiet
* I’m fairly certain Alexis is being noisy on purpose
* I hate that she deliberately disobeys me like this
* learning to be quiet is a valued skill

The only fact that really matters is that this morning I’m not physically capable of keeping them quiet. I could move the location of the noise but not far enough or I could change the nature of the noise to tantrums and screaming but I can’t stop noise entirely.

As it is, Alexis has just used her powers of observation to deduce that I am comfortable and relaxed on the recliner with a warm cup of tea. This means she is now insisting I get up and turn the tv on for her. Which I guess is good news for Corey but not so good for me.

When all is said and done I would rather the sounds of happy play than the sound of obnoxiously cutesy children’s tv any day. That’s the main reason that when they are playing happily without me I hate to interrupt.

Honestly, who would want to miss this?