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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Early mornings and epic noise

I’m a bit torn this morning. The kids have been up since twenty past five and I have said Corey can go back to bed. He’s been in the room for fourty minutes but whether he’s slept or not I’m not sure. The kids have been incredibly noisy. I spent half an hour trying to […]


Three and three quarters plus two

My daughter is three and three quarters. In many ways it is the same as three and a half. In many ways it is similar to, oh, I don’t know, thirteen. With her 2 year old brother who oscillates between acting like a 2 month old baby and a 24 year old thrill seeker, it’s […]


The things we do for naps

It’s incredible what lengths parents will go to to get our little ones to have decent sleeps isn’t it. It’s inconvenient but there’s nothing quite like it is there. Really.


sailing the SS pit

The kids had been ridiculously excited about the sandpit from the very beginning but by the time they actually got to use it… It didn’t start too well. They fought over space, they fought over the wheel, they fought over everything they could think of. Most of the tears were over an orange spade if […]