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Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to do an assignment, Karlee style

I submitted another physics assignment on Friday. It wasn’t a particularly difficult assignment but it took me three weeks? Which is kind of crazy isn’t it. Here’s how to do an assignment, Karlee style. Week one Continue normal domestic duties until child-free day. Open the book. Look at it. Burst into tears because brain is […]


But mummy they’re boys clothes

Yesterday I dressed William in some old clothes of Alexis’. It provided quite an interesting conversation with Alexis. It went something along these lines. Alexis: “mummy you can’t dress William in that shirt, it’s mine.” Me: “yes but it doesn’t fit you anymore so it’s Willam’s now.” Alexis: “but you can’t dress William in girls […]


Approaching two

William is at yet another of those transitional stages when I just can’t quite work him out. As we approach his second birthday I have the privilege of seeing his big personality emerge like never before. No longer a ‘baby’ by any means, he’s not quite a “big boy” yet. He’s finally big enough to […]


My third pregnancy: the differences

Every pregnancy is different for every mumma. This one is no exception. Most of the time when you google “third pregnancy” you see stuff like, “Oh it’s so much cheaper because you already have everything you need.” You also see things like, “I stressed less this time and just enjoyed the experience,” but you also […]