Well that’s talented I must say

My William is at the stage where he wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. You know what I mean?

More specifically he wants to eat what he wants to eat when he wants to eat it.

It’s been months since I put a lock on the pantry but I still forget to put it on sometimes. This results in him getting in and climbing trying to find something or other. His current obsession is bikkies. Fortunately they’re just ordinary jatz, not chocolate cookies or anything, but it’s still not exactly something I want him continually grazing on. Besides, they’re for my morning sickness and I’m tired of sharing. Haha.

Well, today, I actually pre-empted the attack by serving biscuits with cheese and tomato for morning tea. I even included a cup of milk each. The kids had everything they needed, didn’t they?

So I ever-so-sneakily snuck into my own butchers pantry and shut myself in. I reached for the hidden stash of Bertie beetles from the very top shelf. The stash that is hidden even from my own husband. Although now I’ll have to move them coz he reads this.

Anyway, there I was eating my morning chocolate fix when I felt heard the dreaded sound of an excited small child panting. I shoved the chocolate in my mouth and the wrapper in my pocket as he opened the door. Had I got away with it? Or was I busted?

He spotted the nesquik on a high shelf. “Pink milk pink milk pink milk!” “No sorry hun, you’ve already had your milk today,” I began in vain to explain as I dragged him out of the pantry. He sat himself down, screaming and pointing, with all the resistance of a fully grown elephant, yet I somehow managed to drag him towards the door.

In one last desperate effort he threw his cup of milk into the Tupperware box down the bottom of the pantry. Milk splattered everywhere. He knew I would have to drop everything to clean it up. In a flash he was climbing up in search of his prize.

I didn’t let him have it, but rather grabbed him with one hand while dragging the entire 52L tub of Tupperware out with the other. In a flash the door was locked.

Well played William, but not today.

I must say, the kid has spirit and talent, but in terms of pigheaded stubbornness he still has a little way to go to catch his mum.