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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Not one but not yet two

I’m finding it difficult to keep up with William at the moment. He is developing so rapidly that he can’t keep up either. He’s in a bit of a confusing stage. Have you heard of disequilibrium? Apparently it’s something important that happens to little kids in the lead up to their birthdays. Two months of […]


Sometimes pregnancy is pretty cool

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re having another baby. Apologies to anyone who is upset that I didn’t tell them in person. It’s the third baby. The third baby is a bit different. Unlike the first baby, nobody’s lives are dramatically changed by this news. Well they shouldn’t be. Alexis was the first grandkid […]


Am I a “cranky old lady”?

When I was a kid there was a cranky lady who lived near my friend’s house. She liked me friend but not me. When I was out with my friend she would go see her, and, not knowing what to do I would awkwardly wait in the front yard. This cranky lady used to yell […]


“he didn’t want to stop it”

Hahaha Alexis.. I have to love this kid.. It’s impossible not to crack up at the stuff that comes out of her mouth. Her vocabulary is amazing and her voice inflection is getting better and better. She’s a comedian in the making. This arvo Corey was having a sleep and William was having some lunch. […]