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Monthly Archives: June 2013

It’s not a chicken it’s a nugget

Alexis doesn’t eat chicken. It’s very frustrating. She does however eat nuggets. Unless for whatever reason somebody points out that they have chicken in them. It’s even more frustrating. I am a firm believer in truth is best, 98% of the time. There’s just the occasional moment when I want to silence somebody who is […]


William you’re doing it wrong

As long as he’s sleeping I guess it doesn’t matter.


Throwing dummies down the hallway and taking off

It’s hard being a stay at home mum sometimes. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s boring. Some days it’s pretty cushy, other days it’s the most excruciatingly painful torturous experience as the day drags on and on and on. The kids fighting with each other […]


Growing up

I admire how quickly and easily my children adjust to change. Tonight is William’s first night in the big boy bed in his new room. He thought it was hilarious to start with but with some gentle prompting from his daddy he fell asleep… Without a dunmy! Alexis donated her safety gate to William, along […]