It’s not a chicken it’s a nugget

Alexis doesn’t eat chicken. It’s very frustrating.

She does however eat nuggets. Unless for whatever reason somebody points out that they have chicken in them.

It’s even more frustrating.

I am a firm believer in truth is best, 98% of the time. There’s just the occasional moment when I want to silence somebody who is about to undo convenient little ‘misunderstandings’ so to speak.

Telling Lexi that “nuggets are chicken so why don’t you eat this chicken here” is quite possibly going to earn you a fork to the eye.

Although I do believe this whole “I don’t like chicken” thing has gone too far.

It’s purely hypocrisy. Control. She must control everything. So she thinks. 😉

Her favourite chip flavour is chicken too. Not that she knows, coz she can’t read yet but she always asks for the green packet.

Go figure. She ‘knows’ what she doesn’t like. Lettuce is a no go. Pumpkin is a no go. There’s nothing we can do to convince her otherwise.

She doesn’t eat mince but will eat party pies, she doesn’t like chicken but she will eat nuggets, sausages are hit and miss but sausage rolls are awesome.. I sense a bit of a pattern here.

At least she eats her vegetables and she eats fruit like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s just getting protein into her that’s tricky.

Thankfully she’s not allergic to nuts. She eats ham now but that’s not particularly healthy.

I hope one day she’ll just eat meat and not whinge but until then it doesn’t take much to cover some chicken breast in breadcrumbs and call it a nugget is it?

Last night when Corey said, “Alexis eat your chicken please,” I thought it was game over but she replied matter-of-factly “it’s not chicken daddy it’s a nugget.”

The world according to a three year old..