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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cute little William

Aww Bless his gorgeous heart. Eating Nutella rice cakes up at the big table, William dropped his and made a mess. Of his own accord he hopped down, rummage through the kitchen drawers for a tea towel, brought it over and began cleaning up his own mess. Of course he got chocolate all over the […]


Out of the mouths of babes

Alexis (aged 3) made me crack up laughing several times today.


God bless all mothers

These words are not my own but I had to share them here. This poem totally sums up being a mum to small children. God bless all young mothers at end of day, kneeling wearily with each small one to hear them pray. Too tired to rise when done…and yet, they do, longing just to […]


Another thing I never thought I would say

Motherhood is definitely interesting despite the obvious monotonous duties. My kids ensure I learn something new each day. This evening’s new phrase? “No William. We don’t stab mummy’s car with a fork. Especially not the headlight.” Well there you go.