Sunny Sunday fun part 1

On Sunday we went to a park for Corey’s little sister’s birthday. It was a long drive there but fortunately William slept most of the way and woke fresh as a daisy. It was fun but a lot of work.

I hadn’t done much like that since Christmas time. The kids have been out with Corey but not with me. We’d done little outings here and there but not a whole day out. If they went out I stayed home and studied for GAMSAT. Then after a while the thought of heading out started freaking me out because I hadn’t left the house much in so long..

It occurred to me just how much I had missed. It frightened me how easy it was to become reclusive. It alarmed me how uncomfortable I was in social situations. It bothered me ever so slightly that my personality is the sort that really would rather be at home with a book.

Yet despite all that, with my kids, my hubby, some exercise and some sunshine, it was a wonderful day. It was particularly nice once I got some fish n chips in my belly. Thanks K.

We made new memories. Some great, some not so great. William fell off a chair, Alexis fell of a swing, they ate so many cupcakes they were ill, the usual, plus so much more. We moved parks once Alexis had a go at the people playing volleyball over the swing set. “If you hit me with that ball my daddy will punch you in the head..” How embarrassing. So we found some trees.




I wish I was in some of the photos from the day but at least I was there to take them.

I must say though, just quietly, this whole park thing is exhausting. I feel much more refreshed after spending a day face-first in an exam rather than walking around in sun and sand all day. It’s a little bit better for my health though and I hope we all enjoyed it.