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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sunny Sunday fun part 1

On Sunday we went to a park for Corey’s little sister’s birthday. It was a long drive there but fortunately William slept most of the way and woke fresh as a daisy. It was fun but a lot of work. I hadn’t done much like that since Christmas time. The kids have been out with […]


Do you really want to call your child Alexis or William?

William is a very popular name. It is a good strong name for a man yet a cute gentle name for a boy. It’s a fine choice. We love our little William. It was our first choice for baby names but as we welcomed our first child into the world as a beautiful young girl, […]


Kid’s got a point

Wednesday. 12 noon. Nap time. I’m raising the next generation of clever clogs. It’s an honour, it’s hilarious and it’s frustrating all in one. I can’t call her an insufferable know it all because I see too much of me in her. She really does aim to please. She wants to impress me with her […]


A 3am rambling.. Sickness beneath the surface

William is sick.. Again? Still? He’s been crook for a month but we finally found a doctor that would prescribe something for it. He’s been on antibiotics since lunch time yesterday, so he has only two doses so far. He appears to be worse, as often happens in these cases but I hope it’s working […]