Patented weaning aide (not really)

It’s Sunday night. The kids are at my parents’ house for the night. Corey and I had pre-arranged this a while ago as we really wanted a breather post-gamsat. It was supposed to be a nice time to relax and recover but also catch up on some housework and financial/organisational stuff that I had been neglecting. We had a lovely dinner out but I don’t think I’ll be getting any housework done. I have a habit of making things hard for myself and it seems this time is no exception.

You see…

William accidentally fell asleep without a feed on Saturday night. He just drifted off while he was cuddling into Corey while I had a shower. He actually had not fed much Saturday at all. He also slept 13 hours straight through the night. So, on Sunday morning, with the knowledge that he would be being babysat that afternoon and night, I decided to capitalise on the opportunity.

It’s time to wean.

I’ve tried to wean before but given in. Cold turkey is a horrible, traumatic, emotion and extremely painful way to wean. Unfortunately, experience has pointed out that my son is not going to respond well to any other way. Over the last five months or so I’ve tried to cut back feeds bit by bit but William wouldn’t have a bar of it. He wants what he wants when he wants it and if he knows a way to get it he goes full strength.

It was getting to the stage where I could not sit down without him climbing me to help himself to a feed. When I refused to sit down for long periods he would walk up and bite my legs. I felt trapped, used, somewhat violated. It also seemed like the only time he wanted me was for a feed.. None of this would have bothered me if not for prolonged night wakings and aggression toward his sister if Alexis took up my time with something else when he decided he wanted a feed. Oh and that he weaned off one breast 6 weeks ago, leaving me terribly lopsided which apart from being extremely embarrassing is wreaking havoc with my shoulders..

We had Aunty Kirra coming to distract us all Sunday morning and seeing as I had already gone a long stretch of time since the last feed, I decided it was too good a head start to give away.

So I did what I said I would never do.

I lied to my kids.

“The Easter bunny took mummy’s milk to make more yummy chocolates for all the little boys and girls.”

I felt like dirt for lying but he seemed to go with it. Their were a few tears from both of us but we survived the day and as far as I know he had a good night with my parents.

I managed to go out for dinner just fine but since then I’ve not been feeling very well.

I’m lying in bed, doped up on pain killers, feeling a little sorry for myself. Weaning like this seems a stupid thing to do but if I’m honest with myself I do believe its for the best. At least I only have one side to deal with. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, not without cutting back to only one or two feeds a day. However, sometimes difficult things need to be done quickly, like a bandaid. I have decided, I think, and so I must stick to it, I guess.

Now to reveal my special secret patented technology… 😉


The shops were closed so I couldn’t go buy cabbage leaves. 😉

Have you ever weaned cold turkey? Do you have any tips? Would you wish it on your worst enemy?


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  1. oh lovely you poor thing xx Sometimes you do just have to do what you gotta do. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly from here on in

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