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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Patented weaning aide (not really)

It’s Sunday night. The kids are at my parents’ house for the night. Corey and I had pre-arranged this a while ago as we really wanted a breather post-gamsat. It was supposed to be a nice time to relax and recover but also catch up on some housework and financial/organisational stuff that I had been […]


Because He Lives

Easter Sunday is usually my favourite day of year and why shouldn’t it be? We have a socially acceptable reason to eat chocolate, surrounded by loved ones, it’s a lovely time of year and I’ve just had two days to rest and get a little reflective. Or, the 5 years I spent working my backside […]


Protected: My GAMSAT experience

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Just a spoonful of sugar helps the anthem go down

It’s Good Friday. The kids are sick. Corey is sick. I am sick. Oh goody. It certainly has its advantages, namely no pressure to go anywhere, do anything, or see anyone. I’ve had a bit of a post-GAMSAT slump. (Read: lost the plot.) It is convenient timing. It’s also a good ‘God-thing’, the lessons learned […]