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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Teething pains and growing up.

Look what I found sitting in my drafts folder. Two weeks later I can post this. Alexis is much more settled as is William. I’d say drafting this helped me. I might as well post it. Did I do the wrong thing taking the bottles and the dummies off Alexis? I don’t think so. I’ve […]


Dummy and dumber

Alexis and I have been having some minor issues lately. Not over her behaviour, nor food, nor volume nor tone of voice or anything like that. Only one small inanimate object was getting between us. The dummy. Alexis is nearly three and thus, in my mind, it is time for her to part with the […]


A good weekend

I’m feeling a lot more ‘human’ after a nice weekend. It’s always nice to be feeling good, especially after a period of feeling lousy. My foot still hurts but I have been up and walking around and exercising it gently in short bursts. My weekend started on Thursday night, when Corey brought home Chinese take […]


Things I never thought I’d say

I’m going to start a bit of a new segment. Just short and sweet. Things I never thought I’d say. There’s the all too familiar “get off his head.” A few days ago it was, “Why is there a tea pot in the toilet?” Today it was this: “William, don’t eat mummy’s guitar”. Do you […]