Preparing for daycare

My babies are growing up. Both Alexis and William start daycare in just a few days. I’ve finally sorted through all the paperwork and centrelink details. They are officially enrolled and couldn’t be happier. We went to pay today, once I finished filling in paper mountain. Alexis tried to help because I was taking too long.


Alexis in particular is over the moon with excitement. Every day this week we have had, “let’s go to Kindy mummy” shouted a thousand times. It’s so lovely to see.


Except with them not actually starting just yet, it’s been a long week. I don’t know how they’ll cope with only one day a week either. I’m a little worried that once they have gone once they will want to go every single day. So I’ll have “let’s go to Kindy” over and over for the rest of the year. No no they’ll get used to routine soon enough.

By the time their first day of Kindy finally arrives I’m going to be so totally blasĂ© about it. Walk them in, give them a kids, then walk out. Or something.

I’m particularly excited myself because I am going to school too! Well, not exactly. I’m studying a distance ed physics course that’ll help me prepare for GAMSAT. I’ve never really had any formal education in physics so trying to understand it was doing my head in. I’m glad to be able to do a formal course to teach me physics and get me back into studying again. After 5 years off from studying this night be the little nudge my brain needs. Plus it helped me score a place for the kids in a very busy childcare centre who prioritises kids who’s parents both work or study..

I’ve got a bit to do over the next few days. By the look of it I have to label every single thing. Socks, undies, clothes, bags, bottles, dummies (how?), children… Oh no, I might not scribble the names on the kids with permanent ink..

I’m not going to let Alexis take her bear she sleeps with to Kindy because it was mine when I was a child. Does that make me a mean mum? Haha. Tartan bear would probably love to go to kindy but I’m not prepared to lose him yet. Nor do I want him being tattooed. My dad just bought her a Jemima doll though so I’ll try to get her attached to that. Maybe Tartan bear can come to med school with me next year? 😉