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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Preparing for daycare

My babies are growing up. Both Alexis and William start daycare in just a few days. I’ve finally sorted through all the paperwork and centrelink details. They are officially enrolled and couldn’t be happier. We went to pay today, once I finished filling in paper mountain. Alexis tried to help because I was taking too […]


Howling wind and driving rains.

I’ve never heard wind like this. It’s howling. It sounds like a woman screaming. It’s intense. It’s been going on since 6pm or so but it’s particularly bad now. I’m sitting up with William, giving him a feed, trying to convince him to go back to sleep. We’re very fortunate that he slept through it […]


Life in a facebooked world

In many ways I like Facebook. When I was up most of the night feeding the baby it was a source of entertainment. When the kids are sick it’s a link to the outside world. It’s the easiest cheapest way to stay in touch with family and friends interstate. It’s a powerful way to get […]


Sometimes you gotta let things go

Teachable moments sneak up when you least expect it. Educating your kids is just part of being a mum but I still find it remarkable when God teaches me through my kids. I shouldn’t be surprised, it happens everyday, yet it still gets me smiling. Tuesday wasn’t a great day for me. A little bit […]