Personalised Christmas book winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Personalised Christmas book giveaway thanks to stuck on you..

There were some very good entries but I could only pick one winner and in my mind it absolutely has to be this comment from Ron Rose.

When young, I was cricket mad. Every day I walked past the sports store and saw this beautiful bat. But I knew better than to ask for it.I just talked about it, mainly to my brother. You see, Mum was a widow (for the 3rd time) struggling and going without herself to do her best for us eight kids she was left with (2 boys and 6 girls). We lived in a rented, dilapidated old house with no running hot water and many kids to a room.
But come Christmas morning, that cricket bat was under the tree! Mum just smiled and winked at me.
My talk must have been over-heard and somehow she must have scrimped, saved, and gone without even more herself to afford it.
I never did find out how she did it.
She went home to her Lord in 2003.
But this Christmas, as always, that sacrificial gift from my beautiful, loving Mum comes to mind. And yes, a tear or two may flow.

I love this comment from Ron because it describes both the excitement of a child at Christmas and the sacrifices made by a loving parent. Most of us as parents love to give our children good things but fortunately most of us have never endured such hardships. It is wonderful that your mum was able to get you that bat Ron. I have one suggestion as to how…

God provides.

God loves to give us good things, best of which was when he sent Jesus all those years ago. He sent his son Jesus as a vulnerable helpless infant into our world. Jesus lived a fairly ordinary life (although without sin somehow), grew up, performed some miracles and eventually died to save whoever believes in him. While he was here he gave us an example of how to live and love and serve others.

It’s seems that Ron’s mum was following Jesus’ example in her life by loving her kids. The fact that she got that bat is a testament to the fact that with God and sheer determination, all things are possible.

That or Santa Claus manufactured an identical cricket bat and shoved it down the chimney..

Congratulations Ron you have won the personalised Christmas book. I’ve sent you an email.

Merry Christmas everybody.


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