Lovely summer nights

Today was one of those days that was pretty close to perfect. Sure it had its difficult moments, I have two kids under three, both with very strong personalities, but for the most part I could not have asked for a better day.

After swimming lessons we came home for banana muffins and juice. Alexis had a rest while we showered William and put him to bed and then Alexis had a shower. It was nice to have some one on one time with them both.

Corey cooked a delicious lunch for us while I got a chance to wash my hair in peace (ahh bliss). He made a salad and cooked bacon and eggs to go with it. With the new salad dressing we bought it was totally delicious. William woke as lunch was being served (he’s good like that) and seeing as he doesn’t really eat salad I introduced the kids to the world of dipping carrot sticks in peanut butter. Messy but fun.

We all started watching a movie. Half way through I bailed for a nap. Sooo good. After that we wrestled on the bed for a bit, opened the advent calendar for today, then made afternoon tea for the kids. They eat a lot. I did some dishes etc while Corey tried to get some grapes from the desperate clutches of grape monster Lexi and Hoover William.

Corey did some more dishes while I dressed the kids for a party. A friend of mine recently got her phd and we were meeting in a park to celebrate. William wanted his doctor outfit, Lexi wanted her fairy dress. Why not?

We didn’t tell the kids the party was in a park. While the kids were busy trying to ‘help’ me chose an outfit for myself Corey snuck the kids bikes in the car. They fell asleep on the way to the park. When they woke to see we were at a park and their bikes were there they were so excited.

We had deliberately arrived early so we could take the kids for a ride and a play on the playground first. That was the favourite part of our day. We swung and slid and ate dirt (well William did) and played chasey on the grass. It’s such simple fun.

After a while our friends arrived but as we passed a second playground on the way to the party group we had to stop and play awhile first. Pick your battles, yeah? Eventually we made our way up to join the party.

It was slightly awkward but fun meeting up with people I haven’t seen in five years. Some times it was forced conversation, other friends I just jumped right back in with.
“Hey how are you?” I asked an old friend.
“Good, you?”
“Good thanks. What are you up to these days.”
“Ah, nothing. You?”
“Staying home with the kids,” I said.
“Ah so basically nothing but with more poop?”
Few people could get away with saying that. 🙂

While we were at the BBQ we saw fireworks in the distance, it was great. The kids ate half a can of corn between the two of them, which my childless friends found fascinating albeit slightly nauseating.

After we left the party we stopped at HJs to change the kids but I somehow convinced Corey to let us buy ice creams. Messy but fun. Did I mention these kids can eat? For those wondering, yes we did at least feed them ice cream before we changed their clothes.



Then as we were driving home we saw fireworks in the distance. Corey exited and found the perfect place to park. We retrieved Alexis from the car just in time to see the final few fireworks. She was mesmerised. Unfortunately William slept through it but fortunately that meant we could transfer him straight to his cot when we got home.


I’m feeling very blessed, very fortunate, very happy, quite content and rather sleepy. It’s been a great day. Sweet dreams friends.


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