Don’t take my boobies mummy

G’day g’day. How ya goin? Starts singing the song.

Things have been quiet for me on the blogging front lately. Not because of lack of things to blog about. I’ve had plenty of newsworthy things happening lately but a lack of time to blog. A lack of time to sit idly and a conscious decision to limit the amount of time I spend behind a screen.

Summer is here. The days are longer, the kids are staying up longer, we are spending more time than ever and I’m filling up the water filter jug so many times a day that I wore it out and had to replace it. William had been breastfeeding so often that it was such a drain on me so I started strongly encouraging him to enjoy drinking water.

It was getting to the stage that William would come up and help himself every time I sat down. Refusing to sit down ended quickly as he would simply follow me around whining and biting my legs until I picked him up and then try to get some boob juice while I was carrying him. It was getting pretty dangerous. Don’t even get me started on trying to shower or change my clothes.

I’m introverted and like my space. I could not tolerate being clawed and having a small person stuck to me constantly. I was enjoying losing weight and toning up but I didn’t care for the grumpy attitude that came with me always struggling to keep my milk supply up to his demand. Even though breastfeeding is such a wonderful and important experience for us both, my health is also important and so I’m stepping up a gear with weaning.

I’m not going to go cold turkey on him but I’m distracting where possible, giving him cows milk with breakfast, giving him yoghurt for arvo tea and starting to set some boundaries when it comes to feeding. I won’t start refusing feeds until after Christmas and I’m in no hurry to wean completely but I am trying to get us both out of the habit of feeding whenever he is thirty just because it’s convenient. It is easier to shove him on my chest instead of finding a clean cup and filling it with water but in this heat he needs more water and I am no longer keen on being used as a vending machine or surrogate water cooler.

When he wants to feed he can feed but he has to have a decent feed rather than three sips on one side, two on the other, four on the original side, two on the other than a bite or two. I’m not a plaything. So I can’t be playing on my phone or blogging when he’s feeding anymore. My phone distracts him. He’s convinced it’s a toy and thus I have to keep it away to get him to feed properly.

This is the point where I admit that he’s only been doing it to get my attention. I’ve been so caught up inside my own head that he can’t get in. Appliances dying, furniture dying, reviews to write, budgets being stretched to breaking point, freaking out over how to afford Christmas presents for family and friends so they don’t think we don’t love them… None of these things matter to a baby. None of these should matter to a baby. It’s my job to keep him sheltered from all this.

I am feeding now but he’s mostly asleep. He’s content to cuddle and feed and I’m allowing it because I’m happy blogging but I want to be more consistent. Also because I’m beginning to see the end of breastfeeding I want to spend more time enjoying it. I want to listen to his little grunts, feel his soft skin on mine, smell his gorgeous baby smell while he still has it and watch his cute little mouth in action. I have missed so much by trying to do too much and I’m now stepping back to be in the moment again.

More on that to come. The post is typed all ready to publish. It was part of this one but became epically long so I’ve split it in half.

For now I want to remind you to enter the Christmas book giveaway.

Also does anyone have any experience in turning their blog into a book? I don’t want to sell it, I would just like a hard copy for myself.

Now a totally unrelated but ridiculously cute picture.



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  1. I think when they are at the point that he is, weaning needs to start happening. You’re not a cow or a water cooler, and just reading that made me feel stressed and claustrophobic!
    Enjoy the last little while of it. It is rather beautiful.

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