Fine I’ll get myself breakfast

On Wednesday morning we were busy packing bags and tidying up. We were about to head off on a holiday to the beach for a few days.

William had been pestering us to feed him breakfast for a little while but when I got the duplo out of the cupboard for him, his excitement at finding the lost blocks kept him out of our hair. As far as we were concerned William was happily building some duplo towers over in the corner of the room.

We probably should’ve paid closer attention, however we were so eager to set off on our holiday that we continued to ignore encourage our children to play independently. We had all the bags packed and were setting up for breakfast when Alexis came running,
“Mummy! Daddy! William made a big hole!”

Our curiosity at how William could have built a duplo hole was soon replaced with the realisation of why he had really quietly stayed out from under our feet for a few minutes.



He’s quite a resourceful lad isn’t he.

He had flogged two packets of veggie chips out of one of the bags.

We left him there grazing while we finished loading the car. Aren’t we wonderful parents? We’re teaching our kids not to waste food.

He then was confined to his highchair while the rest of us ate breakfast together. He played with his wheetbix then tipped the milk all over his head so he knew we would shower him.

Too smart for his own good this kid.

We were wondering what else he had removed from a bag but our house was so trashed we really couldn’t be bothered searching decided to throw caution to the wind and risk it. Fortunately the only things we ended up without are toothpaste, an undergarment or two and a few nappies. Considering we packed those bags the night before while he was sleeping I can’t really blame William… Or can I? Technically it is his fault we ran out of his nappies, although I didn’t have to let him eat mango did I? That’s probably my fault too then.


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